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Bonjour Fellas !
Im Lettha 15 years young, still SINGLE until now. The only daughter of WHITE WITCH from NARNIA.
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Dissapear in the dark night and Came back for a new hoped
Assalamualaikum . Hey there . It's been a long time I have left this blog . Yeah now I came back . Started it all over again . Alhamdulillah one year have left , there's a lot of things that I have go through with it . Appeareantly my dad have passed away . Even he left me , left my family . It won't make us down . Everything goes for a reason .

Now I'm more focusing on my study . A lot of things to thinked of . Alhamdulillah Allah still give me so much strength . There's two semester to go before I will be graduate in diploma Office Management . InsyaAllah . After I'm finished I hoped that I can continue my studies . A few years from now I wanna be a succesful person in life . Okayyy that's all for now . Till we meet again . InsyaAllah . Baii :)